Center for Community Advocacy’s 21st Annual


Tardeada & Ben Heller Awards Banquet

DIA DE LOS MUERTOS is a three-day celebration that begins on October 31st and ends on November 2nd, and is unique in Mexican culture. It is a celebration during which deceased family members, loved ones, and ancestors are remembered. In this tradition, there is no fear or scariness as there is with Halloween; the skulls and costumes are part of the humorous outlook on death.

CCA celebrates by honoring the people who support a community where farmworkers are empowered to serve as leaders and where community decision makers seek the counsel of these farmworker leaders.

The banquet dinner is also a fund-raising event  for the work that we do and to validate the important role that CCA-trained neighborhood leaders, The community is important to our personal development as well as to CCA’s organizational development.

Become a sponsor or come support the hope for a community where all members are valued, regardless of the language that we speak, the customs that we celebrate, the labor that we perform and the color of our skin.

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