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Creating healthy, safe & strong neighborhoods

Improving health conditions in your neighborhood

Our volunteer health promoters are one of the most significant pillars of Center for Community Advocacy (CCA) in its efforts to provide education, orientation and health support.

our health promoters

CCA trains neighborhood leaders to act as promotores comunitarios, or health promoters. After training, the promotores deliver, to their peers, preventative health information/interventions in the following areas: chronic diseases, behavioral health and youth violence prevention. Promotores are trained by health service providers.

Give back to those who are always helping others

To support or to get more information on CCA’s promotoras program, call CCA at (831) 753-2324 extension 12 or you can easily donate by clicking the button.


The majority of CCA-trained volunteer promotoras are also mothers. They dream of providing a better future for their children. They dream of helping to create healthy, safe and strong neighborhoods.

Why did you get involved with the CCA Promotora Program?

“I decided to get involved with the promotores program because I was interested in the topics that were being shared.”
— Alicia Lustre

“As I received the training, I was able to understand that mental health comes in different forms. Stress, for example, is connected to mental health. The promotores program gave me the tools on how to manage my stress and how to recognize the signs.”

The program helps us connect with different parts of our community that encounter the same obstacles.”
— Josephina Munoz

The program is important because it continues to help spread the word on important topics such as diabetes and how we can make changes within ourselves, in our families and our community.”
— Sandra Aceves

“This program helps us get connected to resources that we can actually access and also helps us refer our families and neighbors to these resources.”
— Laura Galvan