CCA provides education, orientation and legal support to farmworkers and other low-income working families who want to establish neighborhood committees that work to improve housing and health conditions. CCA trains these committees to negotiate with landlords to resolve issues such as unsafe housing conditions, housing discrimination and security deposits. CCA also trains these committees to provide preventative health information and interventions in their neighborhoods.

CCA-trained committees also receive instruction that teaches farmworkers how to establish alliances with local public officials and local civic leaders. These alliances help farmworkers achieve local policies that help their efforts to improve farmworker health and housing conditions.

If you think you would like to establish a neighborhood committee to help you resolve your housing or health issues, contact CCA for assistance. We will make every effort to assist you or refer you to the appropriate individual or agency.

CCA trains these committees to engage in actions aimed at securing the following:

(1) health and safety repairs to the units that committee members occupy;

(2) sale of dilapidated housing sites to non-profit affordable housing developers who replace existing units with rehabilitated units or with new units;

(3) reductions in rent increases that landlords propose;

(4) mobilization of support for housing developments that include affordable housing for farm workers and other low-income families; and,

(5) mobilization to testify and otherwise advocate for public policy measures that encourage the construction of affordable housing and for farmworkers and other low-income families. Since 2000, CCA has additionally trained committee members, under CCA’s Promotores Comunitarios Project, to deliver preventative health care interventions at their housing sites.


  • Basic housing rights and responsibilities
  • How to investigate and document housing-related problems — and get repairs
  • How to contact local health and safety officials
  • How to negotiate successfully with your landlord
  • How the eviction process works
  • How to get back your security deposit
  • How to form a tenant organization and defend your rights
  • How to work for safe, decent and permanently affordable housing in your area
  • How to improve health conditions in your neighborhood
  • How local government and agencies conduct their business

Help Support Us

CCA is able to “help farmworkers help themselves” because of the generous support of our local community, foundations and private donors. If you would like to support the work of the CCA, please contact our office or make a tax-deductible donation.